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Becca and Chris 01 February 2013

The Luella’s team first met Becca when making four bespoke bridesmaid dresses and a mother of the bride outfit, for her sister Emily’s wedding. Not long after this, Becca delighted us with the news that she herself had got engaged and she returned to Luella’s to buy her dress, accessories, four bespoke bridesmaid dresses, accessories for her bridesmaids and a mother of the bride outfit!

Date of wedding:
5th May 2012

Wedding location:
St Mary’s Church Wimbledon followed by Ham House

Husband’s name:
Chris Roberts

Photographer’s name:
Thomas Alexander

How did you hear about Luella’s when you were engaged?
My sister had her bridesmaids dresses made there.

What items did you get for your big day from Luella’s Boudoir?
4 bridesmaids dresses, earrings and bracelets for each bridesmaid, my dress, and my mum’s dress.

What did you enjoy most about your Luella’s Boudoir experience?
It was very relaxed and personal. I felt that I could be very open with Rachel and Philippa. They made the experience special.

What was your favourite part of your big day?
I loved all of it, especially the part where Chris called me his ‘wife’.

What do you love about being married?
Knowing that Chris will always be there at the end of the day and planning our future together.

Any other tips, advice, memories?
Enjoy every moment of the wedding day together as it goes by very quickly.

Becca wears the beautiful Sarah Jane dress with hand beaded detailing.

Becca’s stunning Ivory Satin shoes.

Becca’s gorgeous bespoke Silk Tulle veil.

Becca’s mum (second in from the right) wears a bespoke dress and jacket made by Chambers Bespoke Tailors ( and an amazing hat by milliner Jane Taylor (

Becca’s bridesmaids wear bespoke dresses made by Chambers Bespoke Tailors (

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